10 Refreshers on Icy Road Driving

Snowy roads are beautiful for viewing, not so much for driving. Here in the Tri-Cities, the ice & snow are just around the corner! Here's a quick refresher on winter-driving tips from our own collision experts here at Nolan's. Do you have a new teen driver? Now may be a good time to review!

  1. Seatbelt. It's 2017, we're all on board with this one right?
  2. Cell phones. No multi-tasking on this road trip! Short distance? It's not worth it. Need your map feature? Set it up on your legal hands-free dashboard attachment and don't re-set anything unless you're pulled over.
  3. Sliding? Drive slower. You'll have more time to react and avoid accidents.
  4. Still sliding? Take a breath, stay calm, and slowly turn your wheel in the opposite direction. Avoid jerking the wheel and over-correcting.
  5. Keep your bubble. Don't follow too close and let the Evel Knievels pass.
  6. Whoa- pump the brakes! Start with slow pumps & avoid hard braking.
  7. Oh yeah, how are your brakes? Now may be a good time to have them checked.
  8. Don't forget your tires! How are those guys doing?
  9. Add winter safety gear to your trunk. A flashlight, winter coat, travel shovel, sand, etc.
  10. Prepare for the drive ahead! We often forget this one. Short drive or long drive? Will you need water, a map, road snacks, safety gear? Are your traveling with kiddos or pups? Do your best to make sure everyone is ready for the drive, with everything needed at your fingertips. Plan time for rest stops & snack breaks so you won't be in a rush (now that Washington State doesn't allow drinking or eating at wheel).

Things like jumping deer, extreme hail, and less-than-cautious fellow drivers may still happen. We hope you stay safe this winter, but you can always rely on us when the unexpected happens. If an accident does happen, stay calm, call the police if needed, get yourself safe and off the road, and then call your insurance company. When you're ready, call us. We can get you in ASAP, and we speak insurance-company language, so we'll help every step of the way!

Did we miss anything? Add your own safe-driving tips in the comments below!

Your friends,

The Nolan's Collision Team